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Driven by Power


Who wants to achieve high goals, needs good planning and a lot of energy.


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Driven by Visions


Without a dream or a vision life would be not interesting. We help our partners to think in a different way.


Driven by Excellence

Driven by Excellence

It is important to us to show quality in everything we do.

All our stakeholders know that.


AROSS MARKETING is a professional and German - based Start-UP. We see us as an innovative partner for several industries. We offer an expertise in Marketing & Sales. We are searching for new products with high potential! We develop a Marketing & Sales strategy for our partners in order to establish successfully the products in the German market.  Trust, Power in Sales and Strength of purpose are our Core-Values.  



We are active in the German market and like to achieve continuous growth. Therefore, we have a strong network. Our distribution partners are universtities, customers of gastronomy and customers in the food retail industry. On top of that, we offer contacts to events like motorcross and club locations. We want to be a high quality partner who finds the right channels in oder to penetrate the markets.



We are focusing Germany  and  find out possible trends. We want to deliver a tailor-made solution for our customers. This allows us  to speed up in generating high turnovers and getting high reputation. Therfore, it is important to understand the product and the right target group.  



AROSS MARKETING - We understand our stakeholders


In order to establish the right products in the market, it is necessary to understand the product and the customer needs. Using transparent communication we want to achieve a maximun of success. Creativity and flexibility are essential to match customers, channels and products. We stand for open and trustful dialogs  to all of our stakeholders



AROSS MARKETING - We know what high perfomance means


We try to give everything for our partners and customers. High motivation and strong commitment are our Core-Values in order to achieve high turnovers. We think, together big goals can be reached. You can trust our words.








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